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Jenkins Arboretum gates

Jenkins Arboretum Gates


4' - 18' wide

Inspired by the trees within Jenkins Arboretum and Piet Mondrian's tree paintings, this set of gates was commissioned during the construction of a new education and visitor center. I wanted to reflect the shapes and lines that the overlapping trees, and branches create in way that is subtle yet imposing. The main entrance gate is the largest, standing over twenty feet wide and are used on a daily basis to close the gardens after hours. The long, cantilevered, sliding gate is used by staff to access the main road within the arboretum, and slides effortlessly - weighing over 400lbs. The smallest of the gates is used to restrict access to a non-public space and swings from a hinge point on the building's wall. Together these pieces create continuity within the arboretum and perform their intended purposes while adding interesest and focal points.

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