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About Peter

peter trout gard and a large metal sculpture
peter trout gard and a glass bottle

Peter Trout Gard is an artist based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. His varied body of work encompasses large-scale metal sculptures and smaller mixed media pieces that incorporate glass, wood, concrete, steel, and other elements. He has received numerous public commissions and private commissions from businesses and other organizations, and also enjoys working with individual clients to produce custom fine art and functional pieces.

A life-long tinkerer, Peter relies heavily on his passion for and knowledge of diverse materials - and how to deftly manipulate them - to create art that has an impact. He believes quality craftsmanship is equally as important as creativity. His completed projects illustrate his dexterity: ; a 15-ft tall steel Joshua tree with integrated programmable lighting and large glass elements for a private commission; a 7.5-ft spherical piece made entirely of salvaged locker doors for a public high school; a series of refined sculptural lamps featuring a "tap to turn on" mechanism assembled from unlikely materials such as machine parts, oversized hardware and gears.

Peter earned his BFA degree in 1997 from Alfred University, where he also studied art education. His work can be found in private collections across the country as well as in public spaces regionally. A native of the Philadelphia Main Line, he lives in Newtown with his wife, two sons and two dogs - where they all know that if he's not to be found in the house he's no doubt immersed in work in his 2,500-square foot backyard studio affectionately known as "The Barn."

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