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wired - a series


Copper, wood, misc found parts...

20" - 72"

This series grew from my love of, and my shop's thick collection of, materials, parts and hardware. I find such character in industrial and functional objects and select them based on their shape, form, visual
weight, color, and material - often everything except their designed and intended purposes. Then, by physically assembling the pieces - stacking, connecting, manipulating. . . I find structure in each sculpture and a balanced composition reveals itself. This series has evolved into a collection of refined sculptural lamps assembled from these unlikely materials; machine parts, oversized hardware, gears, tools. . . There are very few prefabricated lamp parts in this series, as even the harp holders have been custom
fabricated from flat copper stock for proper fit and function. The process of creating this series - collecting, cutting, drilling, sanding, altering, assembling, wiring. . . - was a true joy.

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